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Hi Tracy,
 we are doing good. We named him Popeye! He is such a sweetie and so darn cute. He is adapting great,he seems like he has been here for weeks and it has only been 1. Potty training going well. A couple accidents here and there, but to be expected. So glad we got a crate,he sleeps in there at night and even goes in to sleep in there during the day. First two nights he whimpered thru out the night,so i curled up with him on the couch so he was content. Well,after 2 sleepless nights, I got a wind up clock that ticks and put a stuffed animal in the crate, and he has slept thru the night for the past 2 days! He already has a belly on him, and seems bigger already in just a week. He is just wonderful and doing great! I will keep you updated on him, and will let you know when I might have any questions. Hope all is well with you. 
also,  thank you so much for the puppy bag filled with treats, toys and a blanky. That was so sweet of you!!!!! Feel free to check in on him anytime by e-mail or call. Have a nice weekend!
April 16 2010

Reference letter:

About three years ago, my girlfriend and I started a search for a puppy.  After a lot of research we decided on the French Bulldog.  
So, our search shifted to finding a trustworthy breeder.  This was a huge concern as the investment in this dog was substantial.  We began by looking online and sorted through all of the web sites that offered Frenchies.  
One of our other tactics was to join an existing Bulldog meet up group in the Pittsburgh area.  Our goal was to meet and talk to current owners and pick their brain as to what they felt they did right and did wrong in their selection process.
It just so happened that Tracy was also a member of the meet up group.  So, when I posted a request for advice, she quickly responded and was very helpful.  
Soon after, she indicated that she had a litter of puppies that would be available.  I had several phone conversations with Tracy in which she offered for us to come and visit and see her setup and meet her other dogs.  Throughout the entire process, Tracy was very open and treated us more like friends than a potential customer.
We decided to put a deposit down which gave us the opportunity to select our puppy once the litter was born.  One of my favorite parts of the process was the frequent e-mail updates Tracy would provide on the mommy and the pregnancy.  It will be 2 years to the day on June 17th that our “Olive” was born.  Tracy let us know immediately and soon posted pictures for us to see our choices.  We quickly fell in love with Olive and it was clear to us that she was the one we wanted.  
Later on, once ready, Tracy invited us down to meet and interact with Olive.  Like I said, this process was more like dealing with a friend than a business arrangement.
When the puppies were ready, and we picked up Olive at Tracy’s, she provided us with a lot of information (including health and vet records) and items that got us started with our new puppy.
As we walked away with Olive, I could see Tracy holding back the tears.  When I look back on it now, I can relate, as if someone took Olive from us now, I would probably cry as well.
Olive is a wonderful happy and healthy French bulldog.  
We are having a birthday party for her next weekend!
Our vet is in love with her and ensures us that she is in wonderful condition with no health problems.

As you can guess, we would highly recommend Tracy and her services as we are extremely pleased.
 Mike Rocco and Danielle Gais

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These are great links and some reference letters through the years to share.
Here are handlers and other breeders that we keep in touch with and share most importantly the Rescues!
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Re: hello
From:Jill Julian 
To:Tracy Logan <>


Scarlett has given us much joy. She is a very special baby. She already knows to sit and dance for a treat. Still working on housebreaking (she gets excited and wants to keep playing instead).
I think she enjoys Florida. She doesn't like chilly weather at all. The thing that she is best at is sleeping late and being a snuggle bunny. Which suits the rest of her family just fine. Thanks very much more pictures to come.  

Reference letter:
I purchased a male French Bulldog puppy from Tracy late in 2010. Tracy is a very knowledgeable and very caring breeder, and you can tell she cares greatly about all of her dogs. The adults live in her house with her family and you couldn't ask for better care of the puppies. I can't speak for all of the puppies, but mine is very well-proportioned with a great temperament. He is very laid back and very well-behaved. With Tracy's strict breeding standards and care of all of her dogs, I would assume that many of the other puppies turn out similarly. I would very much recommend Northern Light French Bulldogs to anyone interested in a well-bred, well-cared for puppy; and I would purchase another dog from Tracy. 

Chris Feaster, VMD

Tracy, I hope that works. Thanks again for everything! Louis is doing great and is so well behaved!


Fri, February 4, 2011 11:34:59 AM 

Stanley Pics

Hi Tracy! 

Stanley is our little bundle of joy we got from you back in August. I think he was called Diesel at at time. He has just been the biggest ball of happiness for us. Our Mastiff loves him too! They are best bud. My dog training business has really taken off and I like to think part of it is because Stanley is a good salesman. He demonstrates his obedience with pride and I think he likes to show off a bit! We realized that he has such a good nose and can sniff out anything so I am working on training him for tracking! He also loves retrieval. He helps me get the mail and the newspaper everyday. Again with much pride. I will try to get some pictures of him doing that and send to you. Here are some pics of him from over the last few months. We love him so much and he just fits perfectly in our lives. You did such a great job with him! He really was the most well adjusted pup we have ever had. 
-Heather Cameron

My name is Maggie and I bought a male french bulldog puppy from Tracy Logan in August, 2008. I absolutely would recommend her puppies to anyone who is looking for a reputable breeder. The puppy I bought was healthy, he had all of the required vaccinations for his age. He was well adjusted and very social, there was no problem with him becoming a member of our family. Tracy had invited me to come to her home and see the puppy that I was interested in. You can rest assured that her puppies and her female french bulldogs are very well cared for and kept in a clean and safe environment. Tracy is very helpful and knowledgeable about the breed. I felt very comfortable buying one of her puppies and when the day comes to add a new frenchie to our family I will absolutely purchase another one from her. I have attached a picture of my frenchie, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Maggie Rummel
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